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We work with a large network of agro-processors and coordinate with off-takers to streamline procurement through better quality and logistics control. We also enable farmers to respond to market expectations and standards by providing required technical assistance. 
Quality & Quantity Assurance

We control for bespoke requirements such as grain size & moisture content to ensure our customers receive the best quality produce every time. Our last mile infrastructure ensures there is no supply variability.  

Bespoke Logistics

We actively optimize our handling systems at collection centers to our buyer's requirements, thereby reducing unnecessary transits and ensuring efficient procurement. 

Customized Production

Understanding customer's quality and variety specifications is a key part of our operations. This is ensured through multi-location trials, selection of production area, farmer mobilization and training. 

Fair Market Price

We set up independent collection center infrastructure in close proximity to farmers. Using a formula based price discovery model, we ensure fair market prices with zero hidden costs for farmers. Payment is made to farmers directly into their bank accounts. 

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